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Mother Teresa’s Dark Night of the Soul

Last night, on our way back from shopping, I told my daughter about Mother Teresa’s dark night. I thought I’d share an article here with you about that. Be sure to tell your kids about the saints. From Scott Richert at About.com: Most people…assume that being a saint means living in the assurance of God’s […]

Communion for the Divorced and Remarried is not a ‘Life Raft’

Cardinal Kasper has referred to Communion for the divorced and remarried as a “life raft” for the shipwrecked. Jesus’ teaching on the indissolubility of sacramental marriage is clear, the retired German cardinal said, and it would harm individuals and the church to pretend otherwise. However, “after the shipwreck of sin, the shipwrecked person should not […]

African Catholics you should follow on Twitter

Given the “profoundly sad and scandalous” remarks by Cardinal Kasper about African Catholics, I thought you might like a list of African Catholics to follow on Twitter! First, of course, you must follow Cardinal Napier. Cardinal Napier Tweets by @CardinalNapier Radio Veritas Tweets by @RadioVeritasSA Communications Office of the Catholic Bishops of Botswana, South Africa […]