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A Great Video About Dan Savage You Should Show To Your Teenagers

Show this video below to your teenagers. I did. My youngest responded, “He’s sick,” referring to Dan Savage. She’s right. He is quite literally sick. Unfortunately, this sickness is being normalized in our culture as a positive good instead of being treated as the disorder it is. You can stop Dan Savage’s nonsense by sharing this video and by voting against every candidate who will, through LAW, push the doctrines of Dan Savage and his sick cohorts, and also by heading to the polls in large numbers to vote for legislation that preserves in our civil law the traditional definition of marriage and against legislation that attempts to redefine marriage. By the way, I would also recommend cutting off your cable television service, which is not much more than a sewage pipeline into your home. I did. We don’t miss it, believe me. When you pay your cable bill, you are paying any station that carries Dan Savage, even if you don’t watch that channel. Cut it all off to cut him off.

Thanks to Family Research Council for making this video and to Thomas Peters for tweeting it which is how I found it, on my #Catholic Twitter Daily paper. Please make more of these videos, FRC. A thousand more. I’ll post them all.

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