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A Word of Advice to Dawn Eden: Stand Up For Jews and Israel


I guess you could call this closing ranks. Touche’.

My dear Rick-Santorum-loving friend @peaceischrist retweets a tweet from @TheAnchoress of a blog post by Simcha Fisher sticking up for my personal friend Dawn Eden, a Jewish convert to Catholicism who is calling out the anti-Semitism found in some (some, not all) traditionalist Catholics.

The traditionalist blog [Rorate Caeli] had repeated a vicious smear against Pope Francis by Argentinean blogger, Marcelo Gonzalez, who called Francis a “sworn enemy of the Traditional Mass.” Unfortunately, the claim was quickly given wide circulation by Inside the Vatican‘s Robert Moynihan, who labeled our new Holy Father “hostile” toward the Traditional Mass.

When Father Z and others found evidence that the claim was in fact a bald-faced lie, Rorate Caeli responded with a string of defensive posts, while Moynihan issued a non-apology, saying he reprinted Gonzalez’s claims because he thought the reporter “reliable.”

And who is this “reliable” reporter?

Being that I am a Jewish convert to Catholicism who attends Mass in the Extraordinary Form (the traditional Latin Mass), and am all too familiar with the antisemitism that Father Angelo Mary Geiger calls the “soft white underbelly of the Rad Trad movement,” I had a bad feeling about Gonzalez. Pope Francis was known in Buenos Aires as a friend to the Jewish community, even co-writing a book with a leading rabbi of the city, and I sadly wouldn’t put it past certain trads to harbor special resentment for him on that account. So, on a hunch, I looked to see what (if anything) Gonzalez had to say about Jews and the Holocaust.

It wasn’t hard to find.

Read the whole thing.

Dawn has another post up on this today wherein I also learn that she is a “Traddy.” How awesome is that??

I’d just like to say that I support Dawn, that I LOVE JEWS (especially my Jewish mother, our Blessed Mother), and that I support Israel. Dawn has a family member in the IDF. (I found this out long after I learned what the Israel-Palestinian conflict is really about by looking at a map…and considering that Palestinians elected a terrorist organization, HAMAS, to govern them.) I am praying for him and all in the IDF. Call me a hater if you like. I don’t care what you think. I love Jews. That is all.

Dawn, carry on.

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