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Abortion coverage in Kentucky ObamaCare

Guest post by David Adams of Kentucky Progress.

Ask Kentucky’s Department of Insurance if Kentuckians will be forced to pay for health plans covering abortions under ObamaCare and they tend to go a little bit berserk.

“The Department of Insurance is receiving reports of incorrect information being distributed to the public concerning our position on essential health benefits offered as part of the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange,” Commissioner Sharon Clark said. “Some of the misrepresentation appears to be deliberate. Coverage for elective abortions will not be an essential health benefit. This would be a violation of state law and has never been considered.”

For an angry denial this sounds good, but it is not correct.

The Department of Insurance chose Anthem PPO’s benefits as the model for its minimum coverage mandates in the Kentucky Health Insurance Exchange under ObamaCare back on October 1, 2012. Anthem PPO provides coverage for “therapeutic abortions,” which it defines as an abortion whose purpose is to “save the life or health of the mother.”

Kentucky law forbids health insurance plans available in the state to provide coverage for an abortion unless it is performed solely to “preserve the life of the female on whom the abortion is performed.”

The difference, of course, is the “or health of the mother” part, which could mean practically anything.

Read Kentucky’s law on this issue for yourself by clicking here. You  may then click here and scroll down to page M-34 to read the Anthem PPO coverage.

Frankly, people on both sides of the abortion issue should want to have this clarified right away. Are we expanding abortion coverage in Kentucky or not? Kentucky’s chief insurance bureaucrat can angrily insist all she wants that abortion coverage is not being illegally expanded in Kentucky with ObamaCare, but the facts are very clear.

Kentucky’s Department of Insurance is illegally expanding mandated health insurance coverage of abortions that Kentuckians will be forced to buy and more Kentuckians will be forced to subsidize. Please share this with your pro-life legislators.


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