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Anonymous Threatens Diocese of Columbus With Blackmail


As the Diocese of Columbus is standing firm on the decision to fire a teacher who is openly living in a lesbian relationship, Anonymous readies the hammer to drive the nails into the Body of Christ as the group has issued a public threat of blackmail against the diocese.

ABC 6:

The hacktivist group, Anonymous, is threatening to dig up dirt on members of the Columbus Catholic Diocese if a fired gay teacher is not allowed to return to her job at Bishop Watterson High School.

Everyone has dirt. Some people are ashamed of it and are trying to work on becoming better people, while others, like this fired teacher, flaunt it publicly and demand it be officially approved by the Church. That’s why she was fired, folks. Not because she’s a “sinner” (because we all are), but because she publicly lives it proudly and expects it to be approved of by the Church.

Persecution is painful, but the difference between the humble and the proud is that the humble don’t grumble. They understand that there is redemption in suffering, and that the proud always hate Jesus even more than Anonymous hates the Church today. They are on the side of Satan here. Pray for them.

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