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Atheists Suing Cities Nationwide to Ban Christian Viewpoint from Public Square

Dan Barker of the Freedom from Religion Foundation at the 2012 Global Atheist Convention

This is looking more and more like an onslaught of ignorance to me, from atheists led by Dan Barker of the Freedom from Religion Foundation. I’m thinking Obama’s re-election has made these folks feel empowered to hate and attack the Christian viewpoint even more than usual.

Christian News Network:

Several atheist activist organizations are continuing to sue cities nationwide in an effort to stop the prayers that open city hall meetings and other gatherings.

Cities in California, Florida, Missouri, New York and Tennessee are all currently fighting lawsuits from atheists groups that seek to remove God from government, a battle that has raged in many municipalities for some time.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), led by Dan Barker, says that it regularly receives complaints from citizens who claim that they are uncomfortable with the prayers. One of the latest cities to face a lawsuit is Memphis, Tennessee.

Mother Teresa is being targeted, too, by the Atheists Humanists Agnostics club at Dartmouth. You will note that on their blog they promote Immanuel Kant. Read about Kant at the Catholic Encyclopedia.

During the period of his academic career, extending from 1747 to 1781, Kant, as has been said, taught the philosophy then prevalent in Germany, which was Wolff’s modified form of dogmatic rationalism. That is to say, he made psychological experience to be the basis of all metaphysical truth, rejected skepticism, and judged all knowledge by the test of reason. Towards the end of that period, however, he began to question the solidity of the psychological basis of metaphysics, and ended by losing all faith in the validity and value of metaphysical reasoning.

Kant’s entry appears in the Catholic Encyclopedia because we are not threatened by acknowledging people who disagree with us. Banning the Christian viewpoint because you think your viewpoint is objective truth is not freedom. It’s tyranny. What’s more, it’s Godless tyranny. We’ve seen the bad fruits of Godless tyranny in the previous century. I choose freedom. In a Godly country, groups like the the Freedom from Religion Foundation and the Atheist Humanist group are allowed to exist and to say whatever they want to say without threat of being attacked by those who are Godly. The Bill of Rights is consistent with Christianity. It is not consistent with enshrining in law any philosophy that consists of demonizing people and banning the Christian viewpoint.


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