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  1. BBC and Boston University tout study judging all children based on 66 kids in Cambridge, MA
  2. LGBT foundation aims to counter Vatican family synod
  3. Colorado Supreme Court orders Boulder County clerk to stop issuing ‘gay marriage’ licenses
  4. Atheist Richard Dawkins gauges immorality of rape cases, fails
  5. IRS promises atheists it will target churches in accordance with their wishes
  6. ‘Civil rights’ activists oppose hiring of white male to teach African-American, Latino studies
  7. Boehner to Reid: House Will Reject Any Attempt to Add Immigration Reform to Border Bill
  8. Stop radical bills targeting children – in Mass. Legislature this week
  9. Fr. Pavone: Judges ignore reality of the abortion industry
  10. Lt. Gen. Flynn: ‘Core al Qaeda is the ideology’ and it is ‘exponentially growing’
  11. ‘Members Only’ RNC meeting will discuss pro-Cochran ad’s ‘race-baiting’ against Tea Party
  12. Mosab Yousef, Palestinian and son of Hamas Founder, speaks about Israel and Hamas
  13. Freedom of the Press Under Threat by Church Authorities?
  14. Pope Francis visits with evangelicals in southern Italy
  15. Fifty Thousand German, Austrian and Swiss Ministrants in Pilgrimage to Rome
  16. Five Points from John Boehner on the House’s Litigation Against the Executive Branch
  17. You are Catholic and an illegal immigrant comes to your door asking for help; what do you do?
  18. Obama’s Amnesty: Conducive to War in America
  19. Boehner: ‘We have no plans to impeach the president’
  20. Nullification Seems Nutty