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Best Wishes to Sarah Palin as She Leaves Fox News

Sarah Palin

Real Clear Politics reports that Sarah Palin has left Fox News, declining an offer from Fox to renew her contract. There is some speculation that she might have done so as part of a plan to run for office. Whatever the case, I wish her well.

Regular readers know that I used to be what some might call a “huge supporter” of Sarah Palin in her political aspirations. (I’m not that huge, folks.) When she endorsed Rand Paul here in Kentucky, I pulled my political support from her because of his libertarian views. I voted a write-in for the 2010 U.S. Senate race here. Maybe it’s my Asperger but I don’t understand why people don’t get that I still love Sarah Palin, just the same as I ever did, and wish her well. Politics is not life. It is a small part of life. I don’t think any less of Sarah Palin as a human being than I did when I was supporting her politically. I feel exactly the same about her. I’ve never stopped believing that Sarah Palin is a wonderful person who is worthy of being treated decently.

Is that an Asperger thing? I have no idea. Too many in politics (on the Left and the Right) want to tear the people down that they disagree with on a personal level. When we are saying what we think about things, it is not okay to hate the people who disagree with you and reject them as being unworthy of respect, and it is also not okay to treat people as idols and give them false flattery when they are just human beings like you and me. We’re all children of a loving God. We disagree, sometimes strongly, but it’s not okay to treat people like dirt and not okay to treat them like gods.

In my experience, few people get that. Sad.

God bless you, Sarah. I trust this decision is what you think God wants you to do, and I’m cool with that.

Photo: Sarah Palin on Facebook.

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