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British Government Lawyers Disagree on What Constitutes Homosexual ‘Sex’


The Telegraph reports on the Catholic bishops’ efforts to stop passage of same-sex “marriage” legislation. This tidbit of information jumped out at me.

Lawyers and MPs said the distinction created inequality between heterosexual and homosexual couples in the divorce courts and could ultimately lead to the abolition of the centuries-old concept of adultery.

It came after Government legal experts failed to agree what constitutes “sex” between people of the same gender.

Gay couples will also be barred from having their marriage annulled on grounds of non-consummation for the same reason.

It jumped out at me because of the irony that “gay marriage” is ostensibly about “equality.” In the end, legislators still have to decide what kinds of sex are “okay,” what kinds of sex are “not okay,” and even what constitutes “sex.”

The hypocrisy in the “equality” argument in light of this reality is breathtaking. The government is making rules about sex.


About sex.

From the government.

If you think the Catholic Church making rules about sex and marriage is bad, then what do you think of the government doing it? Why is it okay for the government to create rules about sex and marriage that are binding on everyone, and that deem morality to be unworthy of consideration as a basis for such rules?

Do they draw these rules out of the proverbial hat?

Photo by: annie_belle1, Flickr

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