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Catholic Apologist Patrick Madrid Discusses Use of Profanity on His Show

Patrick Madrid

Patrick Madrid

I’ve been remiss in not posting a link to this until now. On January 22, one of my favorite Catholic apologists, Patrick Madrid, discussed the use of profanity (.mp3) on his radio show, Right Here Right Now. [Podcast link to all Immaculate Heart Radio programs.]

It’s clear to anyone who knows me that I am not exactly a model of polite behavior. As a person with Bipolar/Asperger comorbid, rules of polite behavior are not always that clear to me nor readily accessible to me mentally. One of the rules about polite behavior that I find to be the clearest, easiest to follow, and one of the most important to follow, is to never use profanity. Unfortunately, the use of profanity appears to be on the rise in our culture. When few people used profanity, there was never much need for us to be able to explain to others “why” we should never use profanity. Aversion to profanity was part of the culture and it wasn’t often questioned. Because the use of profanity is on the rise, it is now important to have the explanation about “why” we should not use it. If you’re like me, you’ll gain a lot from listening to Patrick Madrid’s program on the topic as several listeners called in to his show and gave their reasoning for/against the use of profanity.

I always say that the only reason to believe something is because it’s true. As of late, I am more fond of saying that if you cannot provide an explanation for the reasoning that you do the things you do, then you should put more thought into it. It is time for us to put more thought into many things, like the use of profanity, as the culture is changing in America.

Catholics are obligated, in evangelization, to be accepting of all of those aspects of culture that do not contradict our Faith. When we stick to our values while accepting those parts of culture that can be accepted, we elevate the culture. The use of profanity is not one of those things that we can be accepting of. That important point, among others, is discussed on Madrid’s January 22 program.

If we cannot give the reasoning for the hope that lies within us then people may not ever believe  there is any reason to change. Understanding that there is a reason to change is vital in evangelization and in elevating the culture. Learn the reasons for what you believe, and be able to share that reasoning with others. Specifically, on Patrick Madrid’s January 22 program, learn the reasons for not using profanity.

Visit PatrickMadrid.com.

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Video: Green Day – American Idiot….which reflects crudeness in our culture, but actually has a grain of truth. The profanity is bleeped out, of course.

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