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Catholic Charity Group in Tucson Refuses Gift for the Poor from Wal-Mart

Donated truck part of $32 Million Holiday Giving Campaign and Historic Hunger Relief Effort by Walmart and the Walmart Foundation

Dear Wal-Mart. On behalf of Catholics everywhere, I apologize for those among us who are treating one of your donations to the poor in this manner. A Catholic charity in Tucson has refused a $2,000 donation from Walmart for political reasons. Wal-Mart is “anti-union,” according to Brian Flagg, head of Casa Maria charity in Tucson, and so he is refusing a donation from the company.

From Arizona Daily Star:

“We feel that even though Walmart has low prices, they pay lousy wages, they’re anti-union and they have a detrimental effect on the survival of small businesses,” he said. “We consider that blood money.”

It was the first time Casa Maria has declined a donation, he said.

“We have some principles,” Flagg said.

This part below just kills me.

“The consensus was not to accept the money,” he said. “Hopefully we’re modeling good Catholic, Christian behavior.”

Hopefully??? You mean you don’t know? You’re not sure? Insert eye-roll—> here.

But wait. Here’s the best part.

Still, he admitted that the donation would have been harder to turn down had the amount been more.

Casa Maria’s annual budget is $200,000, and it serves an average of 500 people a day.

“I live in the real world,” Flagg said. “It would be a whole different situation if it was $200,000.”

What about the principle of the matter?

“It is about the principle,” Flagg said, “but it’d be harder to resist $200,000. I’m just being real with you.”

Good gravy. Someone call the bishop. Mr. Flagg is in the wrong job.

Wal-Mart has donated $32 million worth of food and other contributions to the poor nationwide. Here in Kentucky, they even donated an $85,000 refrigerated truck. Even if Wal-Mart were a bad employer (I’m not convinced of it) it would make no sense to refuse a good deed from anyone. Further, the last quotes above take the cake. You’d look the other way on something you believe (hopefully?) is a “principle” for money?

Just wow.


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