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Catholic Women, Get Your Catechesis On

I’m really taken aback by the revelation that only 13% of Church-going Catholic women fully accept the Church’s teaching on family planning.

The Practicing Catholic:

A preliminary report, “What Catholic Women Think About Faith, Conscience, and Contraception,” co-authored by Mary Rice Hasson and Michele M. Hill, offers new data about the views of church-going Catholic women, ages 18-54, on faith, conscience, and contraception. This report is part of a larger research effort called the Women, Faith, and Culture Project.

Report Highlights

  • 13% of church-going Catholic women completely accept the Church’s teachings on family planning.
  • Acceptance of the Church’s teaching on family planning doubles (27%) among young women (aged 18-34) who attend Mass weekly.
  • 37% of women who both attend Mass weekly and have been to confession within the past year completely accept Church teachings on family planning.

Take-Away: The more plugged-in a woman is to the Church and the Sacraments, the more likely she is to accept the teaching on family planning.

Odd. I knew contraception was wrong even BEFORE I became a Catholic. So…what’s up? Get on the ball, ladies. Get your catechesis on.

Read the whole thing.

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