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Catholics Who Don’t Get Authentic Inculturation ‘Just Don’t Get It’

It is with deepest appreciation that I read Father Z’s latest post which includes a message that I’ve been thinking about a great deal lately but have not had the presence of mind to explain. If you don’t get this, Catholics, then you seriously need to try to understand it and practice it. I have to say, also, that it is because I get this that my cross is far heavier than it would be otherwise, and yours will be, too, once you get it. As he says, it is “clear, cold reality.”

When the priest, alter Christus, says our prayers during Holy Mass, Christ, Head of the Body, speaks.  His words have power to form us.  As Catholics, formed according to the mind of the Church, we then go out from Mass to shape our world around us.  It is the work of Christ’s Body to bring the content of these prayers (Christ Himself!) to every corner and nook we influence.  Holy Church shapes us and we shape the world around us. We then bring gifts – the very best we can conceive – back to Holy Church who makes them her own.  This is dynamic exchange is called inculturation.  However, in this simultaneous two-way exchange, what God offers to the world through Holy Church must always have logical priority over what the world offers back.  This is authentic inculturation!

Thank you, Father, for saying that. I am a very broken person. I am VERY VERY BROKEN!!! But I get that. And because I get that, my cross is much heavier, however there is also fruit. I often find myself in sorrow because there are so many people who are not so broken as me, who have so much going for them, who do it the backwards way and are, I am sad to say, wasting themselves in what is only, at best, wheel-spinning.

How many of you are glorying in preaching to the choir? How many of you are growing in popularity because you are so apt to console people in their sins and ignorance?

Am I better than you? Absolutely not. I do know something that you don’t know, and that is the point Father Z makes above, and if you knew it, you would set the world on fire much quicker than I ever possibly could hope to. So, wake up. Learn what Father Z is talking about. Set the world on fire. I’m tired of watching you all spin your wheels while souls head down the path to destruction.

Sr. Helena and Sr. Lisa both do it the right way, by the way. And, to be perfectly honest, so does Rick Santorum. Okay, so, sometimes he goofs, but 99% of the time he does it right.




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