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Christopher Yuan – Placing My Identity in Christ, Not My Sexuality

Christopher Yuan

Here is a quote from a protestant Christian author, Christopher Yuan, who has same-sex attraction. It’s a quote that Catholics in the blogosphere really need to take to heart. Please stop using terms like “gay people” and “gay men” and “gay Catholics.”

Christian Post:

What changed my mind wasn’t the six “clobber passages” which mention homosexuality. It was realizing that I had placed my identity and focus on the wrong things – my sexuality and pursuing a same-sex, romantic relationship. But God calls Christians to put their identity in Jesus Christ alone. God says, “Be holy, for I am holy.” I needed to pursue a life of holiness, not heterosexuality or homosexuality.

Even though our bishops, including the Pope, continually talk about this topic, because our identity is in Christ, not in our disorders and not in things of the world, Catholics in the blogosphere continue to ignore it. Why??? As the Pope says, even for the sake of dialogue we cannot concede this point, that our identity is in Christ. To deny this is to continue to spread confusion on this topic. It leads people AWAY from Christ to say that it is okay to find your identity in a disorder.

I am beginning to think that the ones who refuse this truth are those who themselves find their identity in things that are not of Christ. They are attached to things they should not be attached to, and so they find nothing “wrong” with people clinging tightly to identity in disorder. That is why they don’t “get” this. I’m open to an alternative explanation.

I’d like to thank all the protestant bloggers out there who talk about identity in Christ, especially on the topic of same-sex attraction. It’s too bad so many of the Catholics haven’t caught up with you yet. Pray for them.

Here’s an example of what the protestants are doing to explain that our identity is in Christ.

Spirit Juice Studios does a good job of addressing this, but it could be more to the point. Providing the web address at the end to Courage is great. There you will find what I am talking about. “Why doesn’t Courage use the terms “gay” and “lesbian”?

Hat-tip, Anglicans United

Photo of Christopher Yuan by Julian88Tex

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