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Colorado Civil Unions Bill Would Prompt Closure of Catholic Adoption Agencies


Here we go again. Catholics CANNOT place kids with same-sex couples. For this reason, same-sex civil unions and same-sex “marriage” legislation means Catholic adoption agencies close. We cannot disobey God to obey the State. Our fidelity to God trumps allegiance to the State….so the agencies close.

DFW Catholic:

Mark Rohlena, President and CEO of Catholic Charities of Central Colorado, said if the bill passes it could threaten the religious liberty of agencies like his that decline to place children with same-sex couples or unmarried opposite-sex couples.

“We feel it would be a very sad commentary if Colorado forced religious institutions or those who believe in a different framework to do something against their conscience,” he told CNA Jan. 16.

If Colorado law forces the Colorado Springs-based agency to violate Catholic teaching, he said, “we probably would cease the operation of our adoption programs.”

“That risk is always there,” he said. “I think that we would try to explore every avenue available to us to provide this vital service to the community.”

He said a shutdown is “very well what could happen” given precedents in other states.

For some reason, too many believe that forcing others to agree with you is “tolerance.” It is not “intolerant” of people of a certain faith background to refuse to place children with certain people. Just as it would not be “hatred of Catholics” for a Jewish adoption agency to refuse to place children with Catholic couples, it is not hatred for a Catholic adoption agency to refuse to place children with same-sex couples.

It seems clear that America is going to have to decide if orphans are better off with a Catholic couple or a same-sex couple. That’s the bottom line in this. Catholic adoption agencies cannot exist wherever the State pressures or forces the agencies to place kids with same-sex couples. It is one or the other. Either you want Catholic adoption agencies to be available…………or you want them to close. It is either/or, in this case, not both/and.

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