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Compare Batman Pit Escape Chant to Finding Nemo Chant

It occurred to me that the scene from Batman: The Dark Knight Rises where Bruce Wayne escapes from the pit is the same, or similar, to the scene where Nemo attempts to jump through the water purifier in Finding Nemo. It appears that I got my scenes mixed up, though. There was no chanting in the scene where Nemo jumped through the filter. Still, the chanting for Batman is very similar to the chanting for Nemo in his initiation scene. Watch.

First, Batman.

Now, Nemo.

If you’re familiar with both movies, you’ll understand the similarity between Batman’s escape from the pit and Nemo’s escape from the tank. It’s kind of hilarious, if you think about it.

Nemo’s Escape.

By the way, I could only find one video of the first filter scene from Nemo. They weren’t chanting then, in case you were wondering.

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