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Did You See What Father Z Did There?

Father Z has an article about the suspension of a Catholic priest suspended for promoting same-sex “marriage.” Notice what he writes here, in red, as he quotes a Catholic News Agency report.

Fr. Palacios is a founding member of Catholics for Equality, a group which advocates for same-sex “marriage” and other social benefits for gay, [Again, I object to the appropriation and distortion of this word.] lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals.

Father Z is right to object, and I thank him. I had not realized that Father Z had ever taken issue on his blog with the word “gay,” but I am glad to see it. It is not a small matter. Many people, including some very misguided Catholics, will defend to the ends of the earth the idea that it is “loving” to look the other way when people find their identity in objective disorder and that it is “hateful” to take issue with their belief that “gay” is their identity. Many suicides could be prevented if we would simply acknowledge the danger of finding our identity in disorder.

Thank you, Father Z. UPDATE: I almost forgot to mention, that’s why this is wrong and can actually cause suicide.

On the matter of the suspension of Fr. Palacios, I agree with Archbishop Gomez’s act of suspension, and his suspension has something to do with the identity issue.

Catholic News Agency:

[Father Palacios] has identified himself as “a gay man and a celibate gay priest.”

According to the National Catholic Register, he will be suspended as long as he remains politically active. In a Sept. 10 interview with the paper, he said he does not present himself as a priest when promoting same-sex “marriage.”

However, in a Feb. 2011 panel discussion called “Same Sex Marriage in the United States: Where We Are as a Nation,” hosted by the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University, he appeared in a priestly collar and was introduced as “Father Joseph Palacios.”

During the event, he said that the Washington, D.C.-based Catholics for Equality are trying to portray support for same-sex “marriage” as a pro-life position, adding that “pro-life means pro-gay.”

“Pro-life” means that we object to the direct and intentional killing of any human being. Our dignity is in our humanity. Those who claim “pro-life is pro-gay” are not defending life. They are asking us to accept a disorder as a normal identity. Our objection to all direct and intentional killing means that no matter how you identify yourself, because you are a human being then you have a right not to be killed. Pro-life means pro-humanity. It is not dependent on the little groups people want to put themselves in.

If being pro-life depended at all on the little groups people put themselves in, it would be self-refuting. Once we reject the idea that dignity depends on anything other than the simple fact that we are human beings, we reject the pro-life ethic. It is precisely because of that rejection that the “gay” teen suicide rate is so high. If you believe your dignity is dependent on something other than your humanity, you lose touch with the core reasoning against killing yourself when you are struggling emotionally.

In the end, “pro-gay” is pro-death.

Apparently the protestants have been reading my blog. Look at this video some of them put together. They will say that God will accept you no matter what. True, but He wants you to be what He made you to be, and He will help you to be that person. You are not intended to be “a fraud,” or “ugly” or whatever other identity you want to put on yourself. Be what He made you to be. Let His will be done in you. That is the meaning of the image of the glass of dirty water being filled with clean water, in the video, with the image of the Cross seen through it. God does this in us, when we let Him, no matter how broken we may be. Don’t listen to those who say you are “gay” because you are not “gay.” You are a human being called to be redeemed through the Cross. Unite your cross with His Cross, and redemption will come. To deny the possibility of that is to deny the identity of Jesus Himself.

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