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Egypt Adopts Islamist Constitution

anti-Morsi demonstrations

Anti-Morsi demonstraters march to his presidential palace in Cairo, Dec. 6. The new government in Egypt has the backing of President Obama and adopted an Islamist constitution today, December 16, 2012, that threatens the rights of minorities, including Christians. Obama and Democrats have hailed this democratic Islamist takeover of Egypt as part of the “Arab Spring” of democracy.

Once again, something conservatives, including Rick Santorum, warned about Obama’s foreign policy has happened. Egyptians have adopted an Islamist constitution.


Egyptians voted in favor of a constitution shaped by Islamists but opposed by other groups who fear it will divide the Arab world’s biggest nation, officials in rival camps said on Sunday after the first round of a two-stage referendum.

Next week’s second round is likely to give another “yes” vote as it includes districts seen as more sympathetic towards Islamists, analysts say, meaning the constitution would be approved. [...]

[...] Mursi and his backers say the constitution is vital to move Egypt’s democratic transition forward. Opponents say the basic law is too Islamist and tramples on minority rights, including those of Christians who make up 10 percent of the population.

God help Egypt, and especially the Christians of Egypt.

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