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Family Sues Chris Christie for Right to Put Child in ‘Gay Conversion Therapy’

This news story hit in New Jersey on Monday but there’s an aspect of it that I really want to point out. A family is suing Chris Christie for the right to put their son in “gay conversion therapy.” Beyond the question of what our civil law should say about this, I want to point out something that is printed in the article at NJ.com that is often overlooked.

The teen has “frequently thought of killing himself because he did not like himself. . .He remembers having a bias against the male gender and thinking boys were stupid because his mother talked negatively about his father,” according to the complaint. “He experienced feelings of despair because he believed that he would never be good enough if he remained a boy.”

The issue of suicide centers around the issue of identity. As a Catholic with Bipolar Disorder who has struggled with suicidal ideation many times, I know a little about this. “Gay rights” activists say that it’s important that we be “honest about our identity.” They know, at least, that identity confusion leads to suicide. The Christian answer is that our identity as human beings is in that everyone has dignity because everyone was created in the image of a loving God. My brain may say that I need to kill myself, but if that happens, my brain is wrong. Objectively, I should not kill myself. It is my belief in God that keeps me from killing myself. No matter what my brain might be saying to me, objectively, I have dignity and I am loved, because I am a human being, and not because I am in an “oppressed” group of people who are misunderstood by society.

Many people do not believe in God, but even atheists can still hold onto sanity by holding onto what is objectively true about human beings that is learned through science. Science includes biology. When the young man in the article says “he believed that he would never be good enough if he remained a boy,” he is stating something that isn’t true. He is “good enough” because he is a human being. If he is not “good enough” for other people, then it is those other people who have something wrong with them. This is why the Catholic Church teaches that we must accept people with same-sex attraction, as human beings with dignity, even though we cannot accept homosexual acts.

Denying your own sex is an identity crisis. To “ID” as “gay” is an identity crisis. Identity crises do cause suicide. Because I have personal experience with suicidal ideation, and want to help those who are considering suicide, I will say these things until my dying day. You have dignity because you are a human being. Your identity is in what you were made to be, and no matter what your brain may tell you, that is objectively true. You were made to be what your body says you are, biologically. That this is hard for some people to accept does not make it false. It is hard for me to accept sometimes that I have dignity even though I hear, mostly from “gay rights” activists, that it’s “lacking in dignity” to say that someone has a mental disorder. I don’t lack dignity because I have a mental disorder. No one lacks dignity. No one.

I don’t say these things because I hate people. I say these things because I love people and don’t want anyone to commit suicide.


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