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Father Z Does Twitter the Right Way – How About You?

TwitCleanerTwitter is a very important communication tool for those who want to retrieve a lot of information quickly. In order to be successful on Twitter, there are some important rules to follow. People who are familiar with Father Z may not be surprised to learn that he is very good at this, as I will show. Following rules is his cup of tea, and he does a great job of it in practice on Twitter. How are you doing on Twitter? It’s good to assess your success from time to time, and there are several ways to do this.

First of all, you should know and apply the Twitter Terms of Service. Apart from this, there are unwritten rules that will help you to be successful on Twitter. Because they are unwritten, using Twitter on a regular basis and interacting with others is the best way to learn them, but there are also apps available that will help you to analyze how successful you are. One of these is TwitCleaner. (Hat-tip to Angelico Press for recommending it to me.)

@SiDawson says, “I wrote Twit Cleaner because I got sick of all the garbage on Twitter. Not just spammers, but bores, yabber-mouths, people who never replied, and so on.”  TwitCleaner lets you know how you look to other people on Twitter, and you can use it to analyze the accounts of others, too.

Here is Father Z’s TwitCleaner report:


He is boring only in his awesomeness. There is just no yuckiness to report there. By the way, TwitCleaner author @SiDawson’s result is the same as Father Z’s.

Here’s mine.

twitcleaner_catholiclisaHow embarrassing. Yes, that’s me, alright. I talk too much. Sorry, folks. I’ll be working on slowing down, for your sake. I notice, though, that failure to retweet is not the same as self-absorption, nor failure to promote others. I do spend a great deal of my time on Twitter promoting other people, albeit not through retweets. Mostly, it is through Mentions and through tweeting links to other blogs and websites instead of just my own. By the same token, retweeting a lot does not mean that you are promoting others. Here’s an example of this from someone who is an actual Twitter user whom I recently unfollowed, but with the name changed to protect the person’s reputation.

twitcleaner_twitterPersonThat is not someone you want to follow on Twitter.

Go ahead and try TwitCleaner.

Some other apps that I have found helpful are Klout, Twiangulate, Tweepi , ManageFlitter, and DoesFollow. Each has its own purpose.

Twitter may be one of the easiest social tools to use, but it always helps to use apps like this to manage your account and to understand if you are getting the most you can out of Twitter. Alternatively, you can just follow Father Z and learn from the master.

Photo: TwitCleaner

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