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Fr. Joseph Eddy on Identity and the Disorder of Narcissism

Fr. Joseph Eddy

Fr. Joseph Eddy

There is a “must read” article at Great Catholic Homilies on the topic of disorder, narcissism, mental illness, and finding our identity in Christ, by Fr. Joseph Eddy, vocations director for the Mercedarian Friars:

Sorry, world — narcissism is not a virtue, but humility is.

It was announced in 2010 that Narcissism would for the first time be removed from the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). This was a surprise to many even within the psychological community. Narcissism can be defined as a disorder which causes a person to fixate on oneself, one’s ideas, and one’s works. In general, it is characterized by a need for constant attention.

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