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‘Gay Marriage’ in the Episcopal Church Means ‘Gay Marriage’ at Washington National Cathedral

State Funeral of President Reagan, Washington National Cathedral

State Funeral of President Reagan, Washington National Cathedral

Several years ago, my family, including my protestant mother, visited Washington, D.C. The kids and I went to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Mom tagged along. She wanted to visit Washington National Cathedral, so she did, and we tagged along. After hearing that Washington National Cathedral will be performing “same-sex marriages,” you can be sure that I have no desire to visit anymore, even as a tag-along. I doubt that my mother would want to visit, either.

Catholic Online:

The seat of the Episcopal Church, Washington National Cathedral is one of the world’s largest cathedrals. The stately Gothic structure is visited by a half-million tourists annually. The fact that the cathedral will shortly begin hosting same sex weddings there comes as no surprise – the Episcopal Church has long campaigned for gay rights. However, the policy is seen as being symbolically powerful.

When Jesus was crucified, He became sin. Because He became sin, the Father could not gaze upon Him. The Father turned His face away. At the same time, because Jesus is Himself God, and One with the Father, Jesus was not spiritually abandoned. Jesus did not feel betrayed by the Father. He suffered the turmoil of being abandoned by the Father because He had become sin for us.

Though they almost certainly do not realize this, the Episcopalians, and Washington National Cathedral along with them, have created a situation with “gay marriage” in their churches wherein God cannot gaze upon their churches. This does not mean they are going to hell. It is likely that “they know not what they do.” Certainly, this decision adds to the sufferings of Christ on the Cross, because it is sin that He took upon Himself. For this reason, I sorrow greatly for the pain caused to Jesus, and also for those souls out there who may be willfully adding to His sufferings by promoting this sin. The ignorant will not suffer hell, but certainly spiritual consequences, from this decision. Let’s pray for them, and let’s make reparation.

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