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Franz Schubert – Mass No. 6 in E flat major, D 950

  Relax and listen. Sibylla Rubens, soprano. Irene Friedli, alto. Scot Weir, tenor (Mass Offertorium) Christoph Genz, tenor (Tantum ergo) Matthias Goerne, tenor II & bass (Mass) Thomas Mehnert, bass (Tantum ergo). Gächinger Kantorei Stuttgart, Bach collegiums Stuttgart. Helmuth Rilling, conductor. Franz Schubert – Mass No. 6 in E flat major, D 950 Kyrie I. […]

Steve Deace Hammers Rick Perry

Steve Deace hammers Rick Perry at the Washington Times in regard to a couple of people who are now on Rick Perry’s payroll. Mr. Perry had to go and ruin it just as we were beginning to buy in. Stop me if you’ve heard that one before. OUCH. Read more at http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/sep/1/deace-rick-perry-could-get-rick-rolled-again/

The Gordian Knot in Cuba

At the Miami Herald, we see that the Apostolic Nuncio to Cuba has some harsh words about the communist government of Cuba. In an unusual gesture for a member high in the Catholic Church’s hierarchy in Cuba, the Apostolic nuncio Bruno Musaro spoke openly about Cuba’s “extreme poverty and human and civil degradation.” [...] The […]

Santorum’s Immigration Policy: Enough to win the election in 2016?

Over at VDARE.com, Rick Santorum’s bold immigration stance, to limit both illegal and legal immigration to help the American worker, has earned some attention. Perhaps others will take note. Rick Santorum, a once and potentially future candidate for president, spoke at the Family Leadership Summit, Ames, Iowa, August 10, 2014.   In the YouTube clip […]

‘I don’t hate gays but…’

The New Civil Rights Movement is continuing to try to convince people that opposition to a particular behavior (in this case, sodomy), is “hatred.” I’m not sure how we can make this more simple, but let’s try. I assume the folks at NCRM are against ISIS beheading children in Iraq. Does this mean they hate […]

My soul is thirsting for you, O Lord my God

In today’s readings, the prophet Jeremiah is feeling as though God has duped him because he had thought the life of a prophet might have been easier. Jeremiah has become an object of laughter and mocking, but though he must endure this mocking, he cannot endure the attempt to contain the burning fire within his […]

Bishop Galantino Translation Problems?

On August 28, I wrote that Bishop Galantino should be removed due to remarks that he made which undermine marriage. I based this on an August 27 report at Catholic World News that included his remarks. “Couples in irregular matrimonial situations are also Christians, but they are sometimes looked upon with prejudice,” said Bishop Nunzio Galantino […]