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Globe and Mail: To ‘Resist Homosexual Urges’ is ‘Controversial’

University of Toronto

It is “controversial” to “resist homosexual urges.” So says the Globe and Mail in a report about the University of Toronto rejecting the Courage apostolate on that basis.

Globe and Mail:

The University of Toronto has distanced itself from a controversial program dubbed “Courage” that is described as an anonymous support group to help young adults struggling to resist homosexual urges recently launched at the Catholic parish based on the school’s main campus.

[...]The Courage program is an official “pastoral partner” of Toronto’s archdiocese, meaning it has the church’s explicit support. But it has caused a rift at the Newman Centre, which at least a dozen parishioners have stopped attending because they oppose the program and its principles, while the U of T has urged the centre’s leaders to discontinue it.

This is problematic for at least two reasons: (1) The university is treating Catholicism as inherently bigoted and, as such, unwelcome on their campus; and (2) it is a claim that to resist sin is inherently bad, provided that the particular sin is one accepted by society.

In other words, Catholics at the University of Toronto are not allowed to actually be Catholic. They are not allowed to preach the truth about Jesus Christ for those who experience same-sex attraction. The Gospel is not welcome at the University of Toronto.

Photo: University of Toronto, Korok12 on Flickr


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