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Hey, Catholics! Let’s Shop at Hobby Lobby!


Hobby Lobby Stores are defying the HHS mandate, refusing to cover the abortifacient “morning after pill.”

An attorney for Hobby Lobby Stores said Thursday that the arts and crafts chain plans to defy a federal mandate requiring it to offer employees health coverage that includes access to the morning-after pill, despite risking potential fines of up to $1.3 million per day.

Hobby Lobby and religious book-seller Mardel Inc., which are owned by the same conservative Christian family, are suing to block part of the federal health care law that requires employee health care plans to provide insurance coverage for the morning-after pill and similar emergency contraception pills.

The companies claim the mandate violates the religious beliefs of their owners. They say the morning-after pill is tantamount to abortion because it can prevent a fertilized egg from becoming implanted in a woman’s womb.


Okay, so, we really want business owners to have the right not to cover anything they morally object to, including Catholic business owners who object to covering any form of contraception. Still, this is a win for us and we should show our support as they face this battle. Here’s a handy dandy map to find the Hobby Lobby store nearest you. You can also shop online.

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No, I’m not getting a commission for this. Not one red cent. I just think you should show them your appreciation.

Hat-tip, New Advent

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