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Hurt Feelings and Mixed Marriage

UPDATE: I put the wrong year. Fixed now.

Father Z has a post this morning regarding mixed marriages and Nuptial Mass.

I have a little experience with this. I converted to Jesus Christ and His Church on Ash Wednesday, 1992 1991, upon recognizing Him in the Eucharist the first time I attended Mass with the man who was then my boyfriend.

I immediately entered Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) classes (to become a Catholic) with the priest at my boyfriend’s parish. My boyfriend proposed matrimony on Easter Sunday, 1992 1991. We were married at the parish church in September, 1992 1991. I was still in RCIA classes at the time and was not yet baptized. My betrothed asked the priest before the wedding about Holy Communion during the wedding and the priest said no. Because I was unbaptized and my whole family is protestant, this would show disunity in the wedding, and a wedding is supposed to be about unity.

Father Z writes:

May I finally be a little blunt?  Were the bishop, and many thank God each day that I am not, I would be reluctant to give this permission.

“But Father! Er.. Your Excellency!  Father! You are mean!  They luuuuuv each other!  They should be able to do anything they want.  You want to keep them in the Church, right?  Do what they want!”

We can’t avoid some terrible dilemmas.  In this case we are faced with unpleasant situations.

May I say that I do not, for one second, understand the “hurt feelings” people have over this? Rather than having my feelings hurt, I was grateful to the priest for protecting Jesus from sacrilege. It did not hurt my feelings at all. Why would it hurt my feelings?

Am I a weirdo because of my gratitude to the priest for protecting the Eucharist?

Father Z writes:

There are so many cases of mixed marriage today, and there is a strong probability that people won’t understand hard decisions.  But I think we have to make hard decisions.  And I think that it the decisions are explained well, people will respect them.

And if they don’t respect them, it’s their problem. Really.

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