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‘Identity is crumbling’

Father Z writes:

Dioceses are declaring bankrupcy. Identity is crumbling. The decidedly post-Christian Obama Administration, with its anti-Catholic catholics such as VP Biden and HHS Sec. Kathleen Sebelius, are viciously attacking our 1st Amendment religious freedoms.

Many years ago I was chewing the fat with an American bishop. I asked him, “What do we do to turn things around in the USA?” He responded, “The first thing we have to do is stop blowing happy gas!”

We live in a time when America has become a place that is openly hostile to both the visible Church and the practice of our Faith in the open. Much of this is due to the blowing of happy gas, to be sure, but I have also been learning in technicolor that the Cross requires us to have the patience of our Blessed Mother at the foot of that Cross .

I am grateful to those rare friends who are good models for me in that.

I recommend St. Paul of the Cross, Veritatis Splendor and Father Z’s blog.


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