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Is Pride Getting in the Way of Your Identity in Christ?

Who Am I?

In my previous post on identity in Christ, I gave a tip of the hat to protestant bloggers who seem to talk a lot about this topic, to their credit. Here’s another example.

Carl Johnson writes:

I have never realized how I made it so much with pride and false humility and trying to put out the workmanship of Christ Jesus. I have seen the work of the Cross in my life and know that I am in Christ Jesus but my Identity lies alone in him and not in anything I can do as a follower but the direct sonship of my father.

I know that I would disagree with Carl on the role of works in our salvation, but what I agree with him on here is that unless we find our identity in Jesus Christ and in the work of the Cross in our lives and unless we truly know the real Jesus, we are going to be spinning our wheels and in misery, because we will never truly know what He has called us to be. The world is going to keep trying to drag us down into the pit of corruption. For us to embrace that tugging in any way is denying the power of Christ in our lives.

Photo by tonyhall, via Flickr

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