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Join Thursday’s “Disruption Zone”

David Adams

David Adams

Guest post by David Adams of Kentucky Progress.

Kentucky’s bureaucratic bungling of the ObamaCare fiasco hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves because we haven’t been loud enough. Bringing sufficient attention to the mess will bring it down in Kentucky just as it has already in nearly half the states in the nation.

Let’s make Kentucky the first state to back out of a gubernatorial executive order setting up a “health insurance exchange” web site costing tens of millions of dollars a year we don’t have.

Please make plans to come to Frankfort this Thursday, December 20 at 1:30 pm for an advisory board meeting of the Kentucky Health Insurance Exchange. You don’t need any specialized knowledge to make an impact there. All you need are common sense questions as any normal person would before committing to such a poorly conceived notion as ObamaCare. The meeting will be held at 12 Mill Creek Park in Frankfort.

Call me if you have any questions before the meeting. 859-537-5372.

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