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Lack of Use Prompts Catholic Church in Germany to Discontinue Abuse Hotline


Cricket, by Valerie Everett, flickr

What’s the point of having a hotline if no one calls it?

DW reports:

The Catholic Church in Germany has closed its hotline for victims of sexual abuse due to lack of use. Critics say the church is not doing enough to counter this ongoing problem.

For two and a half years, the counseling service run by the Catholic Church was set up as a first point of contact for victims of abuse and their relatives.

Today, few people call the number, Matthias Kopp, spokesman for the German Bishops’ Conference, told Deutsche Welle. He said the telephone helpline had fulfilled its purpose and would be turned off at the end of 2012.

About the “critics,” I’m not sure how having a hotline that no one calls can logically be characterized as the Church “not doing enough” to counter an “ongoing problem.”


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