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Left-Wing World Council of Churches Money Transfer to Cuba Frozen by Ecuadorian Bank in Miami

money-transferGet your mind around this. The anti-capitalist, Marxist insurgent-backing World Council of Churches (WCC) is complaining that their “religious freedom” is being violated by U.S. bank regulation policy as a Miami branch of an Ecuadorian bank has frozen a large transfer of funds ($101,000) from the WCC to Cuba.

“It is simply not acceptable that the U.S. government through regulations of its banking system has decided to create these obstacles for a significant Christian body that cannot meet, whether it is in Cuba or elsewhere,” Tveit said.

“The United States has an obligation and has repeatedly expressed the commitment to uphold religious freedom. This is a case where the U.S. government could easily have helped to avoid this embarrassing situation but has failed.”

Insert eye-roll —-> here.

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