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Love and Contraception Are Opposing Things

I’m a little confused by Michael Sean Winters’ article on Catholic identity and contraception at National Catholic Reporter. He seems to be saying that one can be an “authentic” Catholic if one is okay with contraception but believes in the Eucharist and believes in love and charity. It pains me that he does not see that contraception is opposed to love and charity and even the Eucharist.

Jesus said, “This is my Body which will be given up for you.”

Winters is saying, “Jesus, I love you, but you can’t have my body. You can only have part of it.”

If you are not offering your body for Jesus, you shouldn’t present yourself to receive His Body in the Eucharist. And if you are not willing to offer your body for Him, then I’m not sure how you can fully understand love and charity.

To claim that we who are offering our bodies for Christ know less about love and charity than those who refuse to make that sacrifice seems wrong to me.

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