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Matt Lewis on Chuck Hagel’s ‘Aggressively Gay’ Remark

Looking at the world through Catholic stained glass windows.

Looking at the world through Catholic stained glass windows.

Matt Lewis has an article at The Daily Caller about Chuck Hagel this morning that is rather over my head. The article explains why Lewis thinks criticism of Hagel over use of the term “aggressively gay” is inappropriate. While I would agree with him that it’s inappropriate to criticize him over that, I’m not understanding his explanation.

Would a straight nominee who was also a radical liberal, anti-Catholicism activist, be treated with equal skepticism? I would certainly hope so. It’s not about sexual orientation, but rather, appropriateness.

Maybe it’s because I’m looking at it through my Catholic glasses (and I’m glad that I do) that I don’t understand his point. Is there such a thing as a “radical, liberal, anti-Catholicism activist” who is not for “gay rights?” I don’t think such a person exists in the political arena.

Lewis should elaborate.

Photo: Blessed Virgin Mary at the Annunciation, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, Harriman, TN, State of the Art glass, Flickr

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