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Matt Lewis Predicts ‘Long, Hard Slog’ For America

Adam and Eve expelled from the Garden of Eden

Adam and Eve expelled from the Garden of Eden, Bowyer Bible 13c., Photo by Philip Devere

Matt Lewis writes that the “culture war is over and conservatives lost.” He’s looking at this in terms of political victory. I look at it from a spiritual perspective. Conservatives lost political victory, but on a spiritual level, America is losing and will continue to lose, because to be moral is to be counter-cultural in America.

Lewis says:

Predictably, conservatives tended to ignore this inconvenient truth about the culture, persuading themselves that winning elections — and ostensibly passing conservative laws (though they did that less frequently) — were what mattered. (Or maybe it was that they convinced themselves that because they could win elections — because the American public supported their politics — it implied a “silent majority” of Americans were still traditional, salt-of-the-earth types.)

Have you been to a movie theater lately? Have you gone to rent a video and browsed the available titles? Very little of what is released these days is suitable for adults, let alone children. I would say that this has corrupted society but the only one’s who would agree with me on that are those who have not been so corrupted. Judging from what I hear from my kids — three teens and one pre-teen — most kids are allowed to watch movies that I would never let my kids watch. In Hollywood, anything goes. When society accepts this, anything goes in society, too.

Consider two quotes from Norman Lear, a writer and producer who is highly respected in the entertainment industry and who founded the anti-religious organization People for the American Way.

“I think the greater responsibility, in terms of morality, is where leadership begins.”

“In this nation, leadership is dollars.”

America has paid Hollywood to corrupt her children. No politician can fix that.

Lewis agrees that politicians can’t fix this.

Conservatives have largely lost the culture, and it can’t be won back by passing some landmark piece of legislation. Instead, it’s going to be a long, hard slog. The good news is that, though conservatives typically hate the term “reactionary,” most conservative victory is first predicated on liberal overreach.  

It may be that if things get bad enough, America will finally start looking inward.

Let’s hope so. Otherwise, America is toast. The deluded will glory in sin, thinking themselves more “enlightened” than the rest of us, while those closest to God are the ones who will suffer the most, including the children.

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