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Mental Illness

‘I don’t hate gays but…’

The New Civil Rights Movement is continuing to try to convince people that opposition to a particular behavior (in this case, sodomy), is “hatred.” I’m not sure how we can make this more simple, but let’s try. I assume the folks at NCRM are against ISIS beheading children in Iraq. Does this mean they hate […]

Rationalization fraud by ‘lesbian’ student at Southwest Christian University?

Southwest Christian University in Oklahoma may be the latest victim of rationalization fraud from the “LGBT” community. CNN: In a letter from earlier this month that Minard shared with CNN, an administrator at Southwestern Christian University noted that he’d been told of Minard’s same-sex marriage and saw pictures of it posted to Facebook. Such a […]

Obama prepares to issue executive order that could close religious institutions

Wherein I rant: This may settle the national debate over whether Obama is evil or just stupid. Cardinal Newman Society: A number of religious leaders and academics, including some with ties to Catholic colleges, are urging President Barack Obama to include religious freedom protections in an upcoming executive order which would essentially ban any discrimination […]

Yet another bogus ‘study’ touted claiming kids are fine with same-sex parents

I cannot stress to you enough, read this book. Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior Is Changing Everything. In it, you will learn WHY we are always hearing about these bogus studies. It is unscientific, politically-driven brainwashing. The Daily Signal, a blog of the Heritage Foundation, reports: There’s been no shortage of media coverage […]

Kentucky’s Atherton High School removes ‘boy/girl’ distinction for restrooms

Here in Kentucky, Atherton High School has embraced mental illness as normal. Buzzfeed: In a move the school’s principal hopes will set an example for others across the state, a Louisville, Kentucky high school overwhelmingly approved a transgender student nondiscrimination policy that allows students to use the locker rooms and restrooms in accordance with their […]