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Mental Illness

Gay identity on its way out

I’ve read the book and know how it ends, so I knew that gay identity would be out eventually, therefore it has been very comfortable for me to continue banging the drum. Others are noticing, including the folks at Chastity Project. Watch this. Hat-tip, Christ’s Faithful Witness. Every knee shall bow. Below I’ve listed some […]

Gay Identity: A wolf in sheep’s clothing

Many thanks to those readers who write to me privately and tell me to keep talking about “gay identity,” which the Catholic catechism wisely instructs us to reject. It is too bad that more people are not talking about it. It is today’s wolf in sheep’s clothing. It occurs to me that wolves in sheep’s […]

On Cardinal Burke’s Exile

  Cardinal Burke, probably the greatest champion at the Vatican of those of us who love and defend Catholic teaching, has been exiled by Pope Francis. The Anchoress opines here. Father Z opines here. We can try to pretend that he’s not being exiled, but…it is what it is. Exile – expulsion from one’s native land […]

Louisiana Bishop’s ‘LGBT’ ministry throws the baby out with the bath water

The Courage apostolate, the Vatican-approved ministry to people with same-sex attraction, is very clear that the Church’s teaching on sexual identity (CCC 2333) is central in ministering to people with same-sex attraction. At the very top of their “About” page, it says, “Move beyond the confines of the homosexual label to a more complete identity […]