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Mitt Romney vs Missouri Christians

I suppose I need to blog something today. Here are some stories I’m looking at.

The bottom line on the Todd Akin story is that it is Mitt Romney and the Republican estabishment versus Mike Huckabee and Missouri Christians. People will characterize it in different ways but that is the bottom line on this story. See an article here.

More than 100 of California’s delegates to the Republican convention are Mormons. Mormons make up about 2% of the population in California. Catholics make up about one-third of the population of California.

Check out CNN’s Electoral Map. Fun? Maybe.

Iran, India and Afghanistan are having tri-lateral talks. Interesting? I think so.

Pay no attention to that dove atop Mrs. Mills’ car.

You need more Bible than you can get on Tim Tebow’s face.

How “fruitful” was your Ramadan?

The Border Patrol is using blimps now. I wonder if they can withstand a rifle shot. Hmmm.

Skateboarding appears to me to be a growing sport. My son is an avid skateboarder. We’re all going to a skate park today.

Check out Isabella Sorrento and her butterfly friend.

New convert Leah Libresco discusses “Weakness as strength.” I’m bookmarking that one for later. Have to get to the skate park!





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