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Moral Uses for Condoms


The main reason condoms are made is to transform your otherwise loving conjugal act into an act of lust where your partner becomes a piece of meat whose sole purpose is to give YOU physical pleasure. LOVE becomes LUST! YUCK! That is not only disgusting but also immoral. God created sex partly in order that we might have a better understanding about His giving up His Body for us. When a husband gives his body for his spouse, and she in return, LIFE results from this sacrifice, just as LIFE results from the Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross. That’s why Catholics (and many protestants) say condoms (and other forms of artificial birth control) are out of the question, morally speaking. But are condoms ALWAYS evil? Actually, no. There are moral uses for condoms! Yay!

Over on my Facebook page, there is a discussion about contraception and about MORAL uses for condoms. I posted a video showing a gentleman in Africa using a condom to manufacture a soccer ball for local children. Cool! Here’s another video showing some great, MORAL uses for condoms.

If you love someone, you won’t treat them like a piece of meat whose purpose is your pleasure, right? Don’t use condoms or other forms of artificial birth control to hold back the complete gift of yourself. It’s wrong to treat people that way, even if by mutual consent. Two people treating each other like sacks of meat is not okay. I would argue that because so many in America are treating each other like sacks of meat in the most intimate areas of their lives, it has contributed heavily to the sickness in our society. People are not meat. People have dignity from God.

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