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Mother Teresa Vintage Interview: God Allows Suffering, Including AIDS Virus, To Bring Us Back to Him

Mother Teresa

LifeNews has posted a vintage video interview with Mother Teresa. In the video, she is asked a couple of pointed questions about the proper role of women in the Church, abortion and birth control, and about whether it is true, as some pastors said at the time, that God made the AIDS virus to “punish” homosexual behavior. Interviewer Russ Barber also asked her advice to John Cardinal O’Connor who was, at the time of this interview, the new Cardinal of New York. Her answers are rather remarkable. Watch the video at LifeNews. I’ve posted her remarks in reply to these questions below.

Russ Barber: Mother Teresa told the conference on the women’s role in the Church that it is noteworthy that God had selected as the Mother of Jesus, Mary, an obedient, non-doubting woman. I asked her afterwards if dissident women asking for changes in the Church, including the ordination to the priesthood might also be responding to an authentic call from God.

Mother Teresa: I don’t think our Lord has chosen a woman to be a priest because nobody could have been a better priest than Our Lady, and yet, she remained only the handmaid of the Lord. We have a special role in the Church.

Russ Barber: Mother Teresa, what should be the role of women in the Church?

Mother Teresa: To be a woman. To be a mother, to be a wife or to be a consecrated virgin.

Russ Barber: Your opposition to abortion is world-renowned. What would you say to the critics of the Catholic Church who would suggest that Church teaching, opposing abortion and birth control, is contributing to the world population crisis and world famine and disease?

Mother Teresa: Abortion is not serving the difficulty of population. Abortion is creating evil because if a mother can kill her own child, what’s left, for other people to kill each other. But killing life and killing the image of God can never be, doesn’t matter who you are or what you are, it’s an evil. That’s why abortion has become the greatest destroyer of peace today.

Russ Barber: As you know, we have a new Cardinal here in New York. From your many years of experience, would you have any advice for John Cardinal O’Connor?

Mother Teresa: Be only all for Jesus through Mary.

Russ Barber: There is a worldwide epidemic of something called AIDS, Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, which is a disease which is largely associated with the homosexual community. Some religion leaders have suggested that AIDS is a disease sent by God as punishment for a sinful lifestyle. Is it?

Mother Teresa: This is the first time I hear of it. I have not, but….

Russ Barber: Well, let me rephrase the question this way, then. Is it conceivable that God might bring a form of disease to a lifestyle…

Mother Teresa: Yes, God may allow it to happen. God will not make it, but God will allow it to happen, like the floods of the Old Testament, really. It’s to open the eyes of the people, and very often, through suffering like this, people begin to realize that it’s not alright what they are doing and it brings them to need to say sorry to God and to say sorry to each other.

Watch the entire video at LifeNews.


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