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Msgr. Edward Filardi: Maryland Has Become Sodom

The Magi and Lot's Escape from Sodom

Canterbury Cathedral Church of Christ, Typological window, Lot’s escape from Sodom, and the Magi warned not to return to Herod. Photo: Sacred Destinations.

This is true, indeed.

Courageous Priest:

By Msgr. Edward Filardi, Maryland: 

Welcome to Sodom. Yes, that is what Maryland has now become. Sodom with its neighbor Gomorrah was a city of antiquity whose disregard for the natural law of human love led to its destruction. That same disregard is now written into state law. The distinctive physical and life-cultivating complimentarity of woman and man has been dismissed as a basis for marriage. Additionally, those who cannot honor this diluted definition in their personal and business activities will be held legally liable for discrimination and punished accordingly.

Already, the owner of a trolley service in Annapolis seeing this coming announced he will no longer offer wedding services. By doing so he will lose much of his business, but he cannot in good faith go along with treating as normal what is not, neither can we.

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This past weekend, Catholics celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany, wherein the Magi visited the Christ child upon seeing his star over Bethlehem. The stained glass image in the photo above includes both the Magi being warned in a dream not to return to Herod after their visit, and also Lot’s wife who was turned into a pillar of salt when she disobeyed God by looking back at Sodom which was being destroyed for the sin which we now call “sodomy.” The lesson in all this, I believe, is that we should not let our respect for civil authorities nor our love for others get in the way of steadfast obedience to God. Sometimes we are asked by God to do difficult things, and if we fail to do them, there are serious consequences. Let us remain firm in the Faith during these difficult times.

Photo: Sacred Destinations

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