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Muslims in France Speak Out Against Same-Sex Marriage

Islam in France

Finally, I agree with Muslims on something that is a political issue. That brings me joy, as I am happy to find agreement here.


Widening the public opposition to same-sex marriage, Muslim intellectuals and scholars in France have called on the sizable minority to join major protests against a government bill legalizing the relationship.

“We will protest on January 13 by joining a pluralist campaign to preserve the traditional framework of marriage,” the Muslim activists wrote in the letter cited by Reuters.

“We invite all French Muslims to turn out in large numbers.”

If only Muslims in America would speak out, the Democratic Party here might actually back off on this issue. Catholics and Evangelicals are out in front in opposition to “gay marriage,” but Catholics are taking most of the heat. That is because, when you boil it all down, this is really an attack on the whole idea of patriarchy (fatherhood), and because we Catholics see our bishops and priests as spiritual fathers, the worst vitriol is flung at us and at our spiritual leaders. I can understand that Muslims in America may believe there are more pressing issues to address, but “gay marriage” will impact them just as directly as it impacts Christians. The normalization of homosexual relationships in society is a corrupting influence on all children, whether those children are Muslim, Christian, Jewish or atheist.

Black Christian ministers are coming on board now, in Illinois, in the movement to stop “gay marriage.” Thanks be to God.

Photo: Islamicus on Flickr

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