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My Goodness, This Sounds Very Familiar

Something’s going on. See here and here.

Zilla writes:

After that, I removed “Patrick” from my blogroll and pretty much forgot about him, and he apparently did shut down his blog, only to resurface later – which I would learn is a serial thing with him wherein he has a blog, causes a lot of trouble, wonders why nobody likes him, blames everybody for what he did, closes the blog, opens a new one, attacks people, blames everybody for what he did, wonders why nobody reads or links to  him, closes the blog and then opens a new one again. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. He also resurfaces with different usernames that are typically variations on whatever names he has used before, as you will see.

My, but doesn’t that sound familiar? Except for the part about changing names, that sounds a lot like me. I have Bipolar Disorder. I have closed websites and blogs multiple times and started new ones. I’ll bet most of you don’t know I used to do this. Yea, I should probably update that.

What’s going on is that people in the conservative blogosphere appear very willing to run to the aid of other bloggers when they are in need of assistance. Those of us who are on fire in our brains could use some help, too, but you can’t give us the kind of help we need. It can really hurt to see everyone running to everyone else’s aid when you desperately need help and no one can/will help you. I’m not the kind to blow up like this blogger apparently has, but I have blown up at people. I can’t apologize for it, either, because it would be scrupulosity. I’m sorry for the pain, but it’s really not my fault. If I blame myself for something I have no control over, my illness will only intensify.

Zilla writes (emphasis mine):

Then, last week, “Patrick” repeatedly attacked my friend, Robert Stacy McCain, and the attacks were picked up by other bloggers and that caused more attacks against Stacy from elsewhere, turning into a whole big mess, but Stacy was still very kind towards “Patrick” and generously linked to him more than a few times which resulted in “Patrick” getting what was probably the best traffic he’s ever had, and yet, he continued to attack Stacy.

See? This is what I mean when I say that Stacy is a Christian. As for this person continuing to attack Stacy, well…if he has Bipolar Disorder it means he’s on a spiral and it’s very likely not his fault. The best thing that anyone can do is to do what Stacy did and either be kind to him or ignore him. But in some cases of those who interact with him regularly (maybe only a few cases) ignoring him is going to hurt him. I know because it hurts me when people do that. It’s not your fault unless you are someone who is a friend of his who he relies on regularly for some kind of support. If someone like that suddenly starts treating him like dirt, or suddenly cuts him off, that would be very unkind. Whatever you do, please don’t be mean to him.

If he has done something illegal, like issuing a death threat, you should report him so that he can get the help he needs.

I want to apologize right now if I have this gentleman pegged wrong. I am just trying to be helpful. I acknowledge that I could be completely wrong about all of this, but I have seen it before in myself, and I recognize it as being similar to things I have done and I know that I’ve had no control over it whatsoever. When it was not handled correctly by others close to me, I ended up suicidal in the crisis unit. Please proceed with caution. And please pray about all of this, and especially for him. Thanks.

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