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My Penance Post for Posting Unkind Things About Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd, Kentuckian. Photo by Genevieve, Flickr.

Ashley Judd, Kentuckian. Photo by Genevieve, Flickr.

Okay, so, I’ve posted some unkind things about Ashley Judd on Twitter tonight that I now regret because they came out of the blue and were completely unprompted by anything new going on in terms of her potential run for U.S. Senate, so…here is my self-imposed penance. Here are ten things I like about Ashley Judd.

1.) She is a fellow Kentuckian.

2.) She seems to genuinely love our beloved Bluegrass State.

3.) She is very pretty.

4.) She is generally a self-made person.

5.) She has dealt with depression and seems to have done a good job of it. Having Bipolar Disorder, I know a bit about that and it’s not an easy thing to rise above. I hope no one points to that part of her life as a negative. It’s a positive in terms of her ability to cope with it and live a full life despite it.

6.) She loves Kentucky’s environment and seeks to protect it. I believe her to be an extremist, but the fact that she does genuinely love our environment is a good thing.

7.) Even though I consider her to be a radical feminist, she did not shy away from criticizing Milka Duno for bad performance.

8. ) She’s a graduate of the University of Kentucky. Local. That’s good.

9.) She seems to care about the poor, although we strongly disagree on how best to help the poor. (I’m poor, but she’d probably say that it’s because I have four children. My kids are my life.)

10.) Reportedly, she likes cooking and gardening. So do I.

There is one more thing. Ashley Judd and I have a mutual friend whose name I won’t mention. That’s one thing that will have an impact on me as far as what I say about her. When you share a mutual friend, it’s harder to criticize harshly because you don’t want to disappoint your mutual friend, ya know? I consider this to be a good thing for me…to keep me charitable.

If Ashley Judd does run for U.S. Senate here, it’s pretty much a given that I will support Mitch McConnell or Rand Paul, depending on which of them she decides to challenge. Having said that, I enjoy criticizing politicians when they have kooky ideas, no matter their party. It’s fun for me. I will try to be kind, but politics has to be direct and strong. People don’t vote for mush. They vote on positions that are clear, and they vote for the people they agree with who strongly believe in those positions. I’m a believer and I don’t pull punches. Having said that, it’s my duty to be charitable, and I pledge to do my best to be charitable. I hope this post is an indication that I’m capable of it. You have my permission to remind me of this if (and when) I go over the top. Just don’t tell me I’m going to hell for it. I would never say that about anyone, even Ashley Judd who is as far from me as anyone I can think of on moral issues. Telling someone BY NAME that they are going to hell IS judging — the kind we are never to do. I can’t read hearts. Neither can you. I can judge whether an idea is a sinful one or not, and I will say if something is or is not a sin, but whether that means (Insert Any Name Here) is going to hell or not going to hell is not for me to determine. Only God can do that.



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