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The New Reformation: Keith Cardinal O’Brien Resigns

Cardinal Bagnasco tweeted the link to his own remarks, via Repubblica, “On the path of spiritual reform and conversion, Benedict XVI urges us by word and example for a renewal of the Church.” Is Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation the harbinger of a new reformation? I think so. I become even more convinced this morning, as I suggested earlier, that Pope Benedict will some day be known not merely as a “good pope” but as the greatest saint of our time. Earlier, via Repubblica, as reported by Dr. Robert Moynihan, we became aware of allegations of homosexuality in the Curia. The news was quite unwelcome. This morning, a Reuters report headlines at Yahoo: Cardinal Keith O’Brien resigns in the wake of allegations of homosexual behavior.

Pray for the Pope, for the Curia, and for the whole Church.

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