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Newsmax: Romney’s Mormonism Will Be ‘Center Stage’ at RNC Convention

Just when you thought the Republican Party could not get any dumber…this happened.


A team of Mitt Romney advisers, producers, and designers has been scripting a Republican National Convention that one insider vows will not be “like anything you’ve seen at a convention before.”

And a key decision has been made to highlight Romney’s Mormon faith at the convention rather than to downplay it, Jeremy W. Peters reveals in The New York Times on Monday.

On the night that Romney addresses the convention, which begins on Aug. 27 in Tampa, Fla., a member of the Mormon Church will deliver the invocation.

Some members of the Romney team had argued that Romney should shy away from his faith. “But in the end, they decided to confront it head on — in addition to the invocation, Mr. Romney’s work as a bishop in the Mormon Church will be on display,” Peters reports.

You can expect to hear mentions of Jesus that might make you think that Mormonism is monotheistic and Christian. It is not monotheistic and not a Christian religion.

I agree with this article at Catholic Answers that it is my duty to warn you that Mormonism is a polytheistic religion. Mitt Romney believes he’ll be a god some day, which begs the question, why should he want to become president if he believes he’s going to be the god over his own planet in eternity?

While individual Mormons may be persons of good conscience, Mormonism itself is a belief system that would reduce the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit from being the three Persons of the one, true, and infinite God to being three limited, finite deities among an uncounted multitude of deities, all of whom merely reshaped small parts of a preexisting cosmos.

Mormonism teaches that human beings may, by practicing the tenets of its faith, become gods and goddesses themselves, with their own planets full of people worshiping them.

While the Catholic Church would reject nothing that is true or good in Mormonism or any other world religion, Catholic theology would have to note that there is a tremendous amount in Mormonism that is neither true nor good. Further, because Mormonism presents itself as a form of Christianity yet is incompatible with the historic Christian faith, sound pastoral practice would need to warn the Christian faithful: Mormon theology is blasphemous, polytheistic, and cannot be considered on par with the theology of other Christian groups.

I never really have had a problem with Mormons running for office, and have even campaigned for Mormons for office, but the idea of a president highlighting Mormonism is different. Very very very different.

Good people can get sucked into evil. Don’t fall for it, folks.

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