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Obama Administration Announcement on Contraception Mandate Expected Today

The Obama Administration is expected to make an announcement today on the contraception mandate. CNN reports that we can expect an “opt out for religiously affiliated organizations,” but it does not appear that the “opt out” applies to business owners who hold religious objections.


The administration is expected to detail how it will handle two of the more controversial situations, said a source familiar with Friday’s announcement.

“Religiously affiliated organizations will be given the option of exempting themselves from the requirement of providing their employees with contraceptive access or service that they are morally opposed to,” said the source.

Ostensibly, this would cover institutions like Georgetown University, where Sandra Fluke, whom the Democratic Party upheld during the 2012 campaign as an example of someone “oppressed” by Catholicism, attends college. There are not enough details publicly released yet to confirm, however, that this would be the case. Further, the information released through CNN indicates that there will be no “opt out” proposal for individual business owners who have moral objections to contraception coverage.

It should be noted that many forms of contraception are abortifacient in nature. While many people of religious faith may have no objection to contraception, per se, most refuse to cooperate in abortion. Failing to provide an “opt out” for business owners is essentially the same, in practice, as requiring business owners to participate in abortion.

Stay tuned.

Hat-tip, Alessandro Speciale

UPDATE: Fox News report on the announcement.


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