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Our Blessed Mother

Clearing up confusion about what Catholics are required to believe about papal pronouncements

Explaining Papal Infallibility to people who do not understand it is rather like explaining Motherhood to people who do not understand it. Some things simply cannot be fully explained. You can only fully understand Motherhood if you experience it lived out by a wonderful mother. In like manner, you can only fully understand Papal Infallibility […]

Introduction to Marian Sacramentals

The following is a guest post from Sr. Jeanette Marie, HMSS, Vocations Director. Visit http://mercedariansisters.org/. May 20, 2014 – CLEVELAND — “Holy Mother Church has, moreover, instituted sacramentals. These are sacred signs which bear a resemblance to the sacraments. They signify effects, particularly of a spiritual nature, which are obtained through the intercession of the […]