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Over 1,000 Catholic Priests in UK Warn of Persecution if ‘Gay Marriage’ is Law

Trivia: The actor Charles Laughton, who won an Oscar for his role as Henry VIII on the silver screen, was a homosexual.

Trivia: The actor Charles Laughton, who won an Oscar for his role as Henry VIII on the silver screen, was a homosexual.

According to The Telegraph, over 1000 Catholic priests have signed their names to a letter warning of persecutions of Catholics should “gay marriage” become legal in the United Kingdom. The number amounts to almost a quarter of all Catholic priests in England and Wales. Below are some of the specific things they mention that would result from legalized “gay marriage.”

  • The freedom to practice and speak about the Catholic Faith would be “severely” limited, despite government assurances to the contrary.
  • The level of persecution would be the worst in the UK since Henry VIII attempted to gain permission from the Church for a divorce from Katherine of Aragon.
  • When applied in context with other laws already in place in the UK, “gay marriage” would prevent Catholics who work in public institutions, like schools, from speaking openly about their beliefs on this subject.
  • The freedom to speak from the pulpit about Catholic teaching on homosexuality could be limited.
  • Catholics could face discrimination from employment for their beliefs on marriage.

Rev Dr Andrew Pinsent, a theologian at Oxford, points out the parallel between Henry VIII’s actions against the Church during the Reformation and today’s call for legalization of “gay marriage.”

“Henry VIII could have been forgiven for his adultery but he didn’t want to do that, he wanted to control marriage and redefine what was a marriage and wasn’t.

“Because the Church would not concede that point, that launched three centuries of great upheaval in English society, and from the Catholic point of view life was very difficult.

“We fear that what is happening now is that a network of laws are being put in place which would violate our freedom of conscience.”

Read the whole thing.

We are surely in for a trial in the United Kingdom, as well as here in the United States of America as being true to your Catholic Faith is being redefined as “hatred” and “bigotry.”

You cannot say “gay marriage” will have no effect on religious freedom while, in the next breath, claim Catholicism is inherently bigoted. This is like claiming poll taxes will have no effect on voting rights of the poor while claiming the poor are not smart enough to vote. Contradictions in your attitudes will not fool the wise. They will only fool the truly stupid. The only question I have is this. How many people are really so devoid of the ability to use reason that they cannot recognize the hatred for Catholicism in the “gay rights” movement, and that it is this hatred against patriarchy and spiritual fatherhood that is driving the call for “gay marriage” to be made legal? We shall see. We shall see how many people are that hateful and/or ignorant.

Photo: The Private Life of Henry VIII (Alexander Korda, 1933), by Joseph Black on Flickr.

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