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Catholics Supporting Mitt Romney, Do You Know What You’re Supporting?

All of the forces of the “pro-life” movement, even Priests for Life, are telling you that Mitt Romney is pro-life and that we Catholics must support him. Mitt Romney supports embryonic stem cell research where “leftover” embryos from In Vitro Fertilization are destroyed. How can Catholics argue that they would rather shut down a hospital […]

Thank You, Barack Obama, For The Abortion Ad on Mitt Romney

Many thanks to Barack Obama for this abortion ad. Now we all get to see if Mitt Romney cowers in the corner or if he stands up and defends life. Stay tuned! We’ll see if Team Romney responds….but don’t hold your breath waiting for something awesome in reply. I’m not. Hat-tip, Politico, via Memeorandum.

Were Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns Born in Kenya?

I think it’s funny that with all the fuss about Barack Obama turning over his birth certificate to prove he was born in America, not Kenya, Mitt Romney is refusing to release five years of tax returns. Were Mitt Romney’s tax returns born in Kenya? Political Ticker, via Memeorandum: “Thanks for the note,” Rhoades wrote. […]

Democrats For Life Seek to Change Democratic Party Platform

As the Republican Party moves farther and farther away from social issues with each passing election, Democrats for Life see an opportunity to bring more pro-lifers on board with their party by making the Democratic platform more neutral on the issue. U.S. Catholic: We’ve heard many times, especially in recent years, that true Catholics can […]

Did Biden Play the Race Card? Or Did Conservatives?

I am doing a write-in, folks, and you can see a criticism of Joe Biden from me right here, but I’m going to have to defend the gaffe-master on this one. City Watch: Oh, Joe Biden. There you go again, saying something colorful and quotable and shocking, maybe a little bit more vivid than is […]