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The End of ‘Soho Masses’ Already Being Misinterpreted

Yesterday I wrote about Archbishop Vincent Nichols’ decision to end the “gay Masses” known as the “Soho Masses” in the Westminster Diocese. His statement is already being misinterpreted by organizers of the “Soho Masses.” Terence Weldon writes: This statement in no way ends the existing model of pastoral care, but takes it into “a new phase”, […]

Repair the Breach

Leila Miller says the world needs saints now, more than anything. Mother Catherine says what the world needs is to repair the breach. We need reparation. Of course, it takes saints to do that. May all of us who aspire to be saints be given the sufferings, the strength and the courage necessary to purge […]

Do ‘Transgendered’ People Have the Right to Use a Public Restroom of Their Choice?

Defenders of traditional marriage say that preserving traditional marriage as the only form of civil marriage does not deny anyone their “right to marry,” because all adults may marry, provided that they marry someone of the opposite sex. This argument is rejected by “gay rights” proponents, however those same activists will sometimes use the same […]

1.7 Million Human Embryos Discarded Since 1991

This makes me shudder to my core. The Tablet: Millions of human embryos created to enable women to get pregnant through in vitro fertilisation (IVF) have been thrown away unused, newly released figures have revealed. More than 1.7 million embryos – 48 per cent of all 3.6 million created since records began in 1991 – […]

Check Out These Westerners Applauding Kim Jong-Un

Posted above is a screen shot from a ChannelNewsAsia.com report, below, on Kim Jong-Un’s New Year speech.  I was a bit taken aback by the appearance of happy, applauding Westerners in the footage. My guess is that none of the people in the screen shot are North Koreans. According to a BBC report, tourists are […]