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Evangelization First, Politics Second

Many readers have abandoned me due to my posts on Mormonism because they are supporting Mitt Romney for president. Others have thanked me for saying what they are afraid to say, that it is a sea change for the Republican Party to highlight Mormonism (a non-Christian religion) at their convention. I thought it a good […]

Check Out the Current Electoral Map From Real Clear Politics

According to Real Clear Politics, if the election were held today, this is what the electoral map would look like. Add to this reality the fact that conservatives have been engaged in attacking the bishops (see here and here) to defend Paul Ryan’s budget, and that Mitt Romney plans to highlight his Mormonism at the […]

Mormon Republican Convention Tweets

DumpRomney.org is a group of social conservatives asking the RNC to “Dump Romney” calling him (rightly) “America’s Founding Father of Gay Marriage,” via Augusta Free Press. They also take issue with his Mormonism. Here are some Mormon Republican Convention tweets. Picture this: The Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing Star Spangled Banner & God Bless America at […]

America Didn’t Survive the First Four Years of Obama

I’m being told by friends that I must vote for THIS —>HERE<—THAT because if I do not, America will not survive another four years of Obama. I agree with my friend Pastor Cary Gordon on that question. America did not survive the first four years of Obama. It’s over until America is again a Christian […]

Massachusetts Voters Really Do Not Like Mitt Romney

This actually surprised me. You’d think a former governor running for president would have higher favorability numbers than this in his home state. Massachusetts can’t stand Mitt Romney. They like him even less than they like Paul Ryan. Ryan favorability in Massachusetts: -12 at 37/49. Romney favorability in Massachusetts: -16 at 39/55 — PublicPolicyPolling (@ppppolls) […]

Paul Ryan, the Poor and Government Coercion

At the Wall Street Journal we find an article about Paul Ryan’s budget, Catholicism and the poor tied in with “coercion.” Someone is twisting the Catholic Church’s teachings on caring for the poor, but it isn’t Paul Ryan. His controversial budgetary ideas demonstrate that he has a better grasp of Catholic social thought than do […]