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Anti-Santorum Zombies on Twitter, Every Day, Like Clockwork

The tweets below are offered as an example of lemming (or mindless zombie) behavior among Rick Santorum’s critics, particularly on Twitter. This happens on Twitter virtually every day like clockwork, all because Rick Santorum inadvertantly said “country” instead of “continent” in a debate back during the 2012 GOP primary. Mindless anti-Santorum zombies tweet the same […]

Steven Crowder Brutally Attacked By Union Thugs in Michigan


Things are heating up in Michigan. Democrats threatened violence in response to Right-to-Work legislation, via HotAir, and violence is indeed what we’re seeing. Watch as conservative activist Steven Crowder asks union thugs not to tear down the Americans for Prosperity Tent. The response to Crowder is violent, including a brutal sucker punch as he enters […]

When Did Kelly Ayotte Stop Being a Pro-Life Catholic?


Adam Cassandra asks the question that must be asked. When did Sen. @kellyayotte stop being a #prolife #Catholic? | Abortion Support in Defense Bill ncregister.com/daily-news/con… @catholicassoc @sbalist — Adam Cassandra (@adamcassandra) December 10, 2012 If you’re a pro-life Catholic on Twitter, please retweet that. Thanks. UPDATE: Kelly Ayotte actually wrote a letter in SUPPORT of […]