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Does Cardinal Dolan Hear the Cry of the Poor? Or the Wealthy?

An article by Kathryn Lopez about Cardinal Dolan and Paul Ryan leaves me rather confused, particularly as a poor and disabled single mom of four who was an adamant supporter of Rick Santorum’s candidacy for the nomination. It appears that Cardinal Dolan is friends with Paul Ryan and Cardinal Dolan believes that Ryan’s argument that […]

Today’s Readings: ‘God indeed is my savior’

Today’s readings speak of the dignity that God gave to His people. Though all others refused Jerusalem, God showed compassion, adorned Jerusalem as a queen and established His covenant with them. Even when His people squandered this favor by becoming a “harlot,” God remembered His covenant which is everlasting. From the Psalm: R. (1c) You […]

Santorum Remarks on Religious Freedom and Confession

Rick Santorum remarked in Ohio about religious freedom and confession. “We have a president who, for the first time in American history, is directly assaulting the First Amendment and freedom of religion,” Santorum said. “He is going to tell you what to do in the practice of your faith. He is forcing business people right […]

Check Out Amy Contrada at Amazon

It’s true that Barack Obama is no friend to the Church on social issues, but neither is Mitt Romney. When you hear Catholics defending Mitt Romney, tell them to go to Amazon and search “Amy Contrada” for some important books on his record in Massachusetts.  

A Free Economy in an Immoral Society Produces an Oligarchy

Yesterday, I wrote about the difference between Rick Santorum and Team Romney on the issue of income mobility. Income mobility is the ability of the poor and the middle class to rise in society and to become more prosperous. If there is no income mobility, there really can be no freedom in America because it […]

Great on Twitter: Funny Catholic Memes @CatholicMemes

I really needed this. I mean…really, I needed this. Okay, so, I didn’t “need” this, but I wanted this. I didn’t know I wanted it but I do now. @CatholicMemes You think Catholics aren’t Christians? You must be new. #catholic #memes twitter.com/CatholicMemes/… — Catholic Memes (@CatholicMemes) August 16, 2012 Follow @CatholicMemes