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Why I Am Withdrawing Support From Rick Santorum


    Ironically, Pete Ingemi wrote today on why Rick Santorum deserves our support just as I am withdrawing support from him for his abandoning that very same value. Pete quotes Rick Santorum here: America is a melting pot, not a salad bowl. America is a set of values by which we hold together. That’s […]

Abortion coverage in Kentucky ObamaCare

David Adams

Guest post by David Adams of Kentucky Progress. Ask Kentucky’s Department of Insurance if Kentuckians will be forced to pay for health plans covering abortions under ObamaCare and they tend to go a little bit berserk. “The Department of Insurance is receiving reports of incorrect information being distributed to the public concerning our position on […]

Lies (Again) About Rick Santorum and Birth Control


I’m so tired of these lies. And Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, in a separate statement said “Santorum is as extreme as it gets.” “He has repeatedly demonstrated a complete disregard for women’s health and rights, from his crusade against birth control to his fight to ban access to abortion for rape […]

Join Thursday’s “Disruption Zone”

David Adams

Guest post by David Adams of Kentucky Progress. Kentucky’s bureaucratic bungling of the ObamaCare fiasco hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves because we haven’t been loud enough. Bringing sufficient attention to the mess will bring it down in Kentucky just as it has already in nearly half the states in the nation. Let’s make Kentucky the first […]