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Thank You, BarackObama.com

Although I am voting for Mitt Romney, I want to thank the people at BarackObama.com (the website) for helping me to resolve an issue dealing with someone misusing my identity. Someone using my email address signed up at BarackObama.com and God only knows what they were posting there. I received an automatically-generated “thank you” from […]

Transmitting the Passion for Christ to the World

Passionist Sign. Photo by Dave Caesar Dela Cruz, via flickr

Vatican City, 8 October 2012 (VIS) – The passion for announcing Christ to the world and the knowledge that God acts in the Church were the two key themes of the brief remarks addressed this morning by Benedict XVI to the Synod Fathers at the opening of the thirteenth Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod […]

Need a Loan? Bob Casey Has ‘Finesse’

Bob Casey is (remarkably) still running on the same failing regulatory strategies that led to the financial meltdown of 2008…except that he now promises “finesse” to the people of Pennsylvania. That’s his word for how regulators can work, per his personal command recommendation, to strong-arm encourage banks so that they will lend money despite Dodd […]

Marc Andrus Assumes Bad Intentions

It appears that there was a bit of a mix-up as Marc Andrus, Episcopalian bishop of California, didn’t quite make it into the installation of Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. Though invited to attend, and though apparently arriving on time, he was not seated. What I notice in all of this is that the Roman Catholic Archdiocese […]

Read This If You Have Forgiven But Refuse to Reconcile

It was during the papacy of Pope John Paul II that I converted to Catholicism. I learned a great deal from him, particularly that which is considered to be a major part of his legacy: “Be not afraid.” His example on reconciliation, and not merely forgiveness, was a sign of his sainthood. I’ve found a […]

Rick Santorum’s NFL Picks – Week Five

Here we go! Rick Santorum’s NFL Picks for week five are below, along with mine. I only have Patrick and Rachelle’s pick for tonight. When they give me the rest, I’ll post them. (UPDATE: Patrick’s picks are here and posted below, too.) (UPDATE: Rachelle has posted hers and they are posted below, too.) I have […]

Is Sally Quinn a Right Wing Radical Religious Republican?

This is hil-AR-ious. From The New Civil Rights Movement, a “gay rights” blog, in response to Sally Quinn’s column opining that Romney “captured the God vote” at the debate: Sally Quinn has in one fell swoop explained why sane people the world over hate — and I do mean hate — what the radical religious […]